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the landmark preservation commission and listening in council did with they could to support the new lord of the castle. if it's a good investment is being invested here to make a historical site accessible and preserve it that's normally the government's job and the public sector is doing its share but without private involvement you can be sure this would be impossible. germany's newcastle lords are guardians of historical legacy and help shoulder the burden of preservation whether as owners renters bloggers bringing these breathtaking buildings to international attention. now throughout this week we've been looking at the monocle magazine's most recently published ranking of the top twenty five cities to live in well why within the top ten zero rick copenhagen munich berlin and the highest ranking of the european
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cities would be yanna taking over rule number two spot consideration of sixty categories went into making this survey and this year australians are more than happy let's take a look around the city and see why it is said to provide such a good quality of life for the residents. nothing is more quintessentially viennese than the ride on a horse drawn carriage past buildings from the imperial era. or a visit to a traditional coffee house where the famous spanish riding school. you can find lives above the city on the ferris wheel in the famous prosser amusement park . at a tour in chief of british lifestyle magazine monaco enthuses about austria's capital city in the magazine's ranking of most lives. well fifty's vienna came in
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at number two. of the as an interesting city and did very well with our ranking partly because this is a city that was built right the first time if you rewind over a century you have a city which actually a bigger population out they the story of the twentieth century than it does at the start of the twenty first so it's right size it is it allows its citizens to breathe a little. in one hundred sixteen vienna had more than two point two million residents today it has around one point eight million the city is famous for its relaxed atmosphere there are more buildings from the late one thousand nine hundred than paris budapest open in and the historical old center unesco world heritage site still shows the former glory of the austrian hungary an empire. vienna is a city of contrasts its landmark affects in stephen's cathedral is married in the
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heart of house designed by hans highline and completed in one thousand nine hundred another example of different building styles the hundred plus our homes back at actual diversity is not all that counts and monocle city rankings one of the driving topics that we looked at we thought of us cities this year was also a sense of greater mobility. vienna has an impressive infrastructure in the city center everything is reachable by foot which is one of the reasons monaco listed vienna as the second most livable cities worldwide. of course as a couple of other factors which which were in vs favor we think about cultural institutions are just outstanding galleries and museums. many people say that you're actually walking through use e.-m. all the time and sometimes that can be seen as dr victoria but i think that is something really to be celebrated. with more than one hundred. vienna offers
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a broad spectrum of artworks including paintings sculptures graphics architecture all modern not. belvedere palace houses the world's biggest collection of gustav kent paintings they are nouveau artist's woks like the kiss and world famous. elation palace displays items belonging to the family it's one of the most important private collections in the world. composers like mozart beethoven schubert and strauss worked at the vienna state opera it's one of the top addresses for classical music and the city has even more to offer. vienna does nightlife and just as astronomy incredibly well. numerous clubs and make vienna fun for visitors
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and residents alike. isn't it you know it's small enough to get a grasp of and with history you can experience a lot here can feel see and feel a living much. you feel the creativity of your sense that are the music and dance are a fundamental part of the city. that's an obvious that is a very slow city that really lives the day celebration we need is an old friend again trying to play ped. there's plenty of time to chill out in the coffee houses to there of the unease institution and the opening hours from early morning until late in the evening seven days a week are impressive unlike the shopping facilities in the end of which by lure have strict opening times and remain closed on sundays that's one of the few points that monocle criticizes about vienna the magazine hopes that in the future sunday shopping will be possible and says that would be another feather in the cap of europe's most little. well in keeping with us series this week we
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had travels that to give away it's a great prize and we've had loads of entries in so thank you very much to everyone who wrote in we are asked you to name your favorite european city and the most popular choice for the well then surprisingly paris came out a lot the winner at random though is carrying crews from mexico whose favorite city is. congratulations to you this travel set and everything inside this bag will be on the way and as we say well done we must also say goodbye join us for the highlights if you can otherwise i'll see you later in the thanks to everyone and goodbye from now. next time on your in the highlight show. you still no museum inside they design us from headquarters in paris. his latest project opens in.
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fine building illusions created by. me donna milosevic. and more next time.
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for. always at full speed. always shining. but always on the move. mobility today and in the future. driving. thirty minutes double. the best in the w we speak your
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language our spanish program only until. always will inform doesn't listen again like you always close to the action but i'm not quite open cobol get one but why couldn't you get that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments w d w we bring you more of the oil of. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com.


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